KLK is a company specializing in the supply of equipment for the electrical and railway industry. It was founded in 1965, so has fifty years’ experience in providing technical solutions to national and international clients in the most demanding and competitive markets.


Since 2011 KLK has been a part of the Delachaux group, a world leader in the fields of railway infrastructure, electrical connections for mobile industrial equipment and chrome metal production for the aeronautical sector.


We are the foremost national supplier, and one of the most important suppliers in Europe, of power resistors, both for the electrical and industrial sectors and for the railway and wind generator sectors. In addition, KLK has a division that focuses on the manufacture and marketing of grounding and aluminothermic materials. In the latter it is a prestigious market leader and reference, both home and abroad. Apart from these activities, the company is also involved in the supply of complete rigid catenary projects. In this field it is a world leader and has references in all five continents.

The KLK values


To provide efficient and ground-breaking technical solutions, ensuring our clients get the best attention and service.


To be an efficient and competitive operator in the electrical and railway industrial sectors, with a strong commitment to safety and the environment.

To be a dynamic, effective and client-oriented organization. To maximize the value of the investment of our shareholders.


We are committed to safety and foster a corporate structure based on risk prevention. We offer organization personnel the possibility of growing as professionals. We strive to ensure our clients’ satisfaction through innovative solutions that are competitive and of the best quality.



ISO 9001:2008

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UL 467

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(as per standard UNE 202006:2010)

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(as per standard UNE 21056:1981/UNE 21056:2000 ERRATUM)

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Quality Police

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Statement explaining the commitment entered into by the management of the companay, KLK ELECTRO MATERIALES S.L.U. regarding the occupational heallth & safety of its workers and the goals envisaged in relation to health & safety, merging them with the general goals of the company. 

 Corporate Health & Safety Policy