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    If the cable is insulated, remove a length of 15 cm of insulation. Use the carder to brush the metal parts to be welded to eliminate everything.

  2. Before the first weld it is essential to preheat the mould with a blowtorch for 5 minutes.

  3. Open the mould by separating the handles of the clamp.

  4. Close the clamp of the mould, and lock it in position to prevent leakage of molten metal during welding. Put the metal disk in place.

  5. Open the colored cartridge cap and sprinkle the welding powder into the hopper of the mould.

  6. Open the black lid of the cartridge and sprinkle the ignition powder onto the welding powder and onto the edge of the mould under the cover opening, to facilitate ignition.

  7. Close the lid of the mould. Apply the pistol sideways, on the ignition powder, and activate it to achieve ignition.

  8. Wait for a minute before opening the mould clamp. Open it completely in order to extract the weld.

  9. Remove the slag from the hopper, the casting opening and the lid of the mould with the mould scraper. Clear the dirt from the welding chamber with a brush. If the mould is still hot, you can do a new weld.