Advantages over conventional catenaries


Advantages over conventional catenaries

It reduces the gauge required in tunnels. The absence of tensile stress allows better use of the contact wire, without risk of breaking it.

La única limitación es que el pantógrafo no roce con el perfil de aluminio.

The only limitation is that the pantograph should not rub against the aluminium profile.
It reduces the use of power cables in parallel connection or feeders, since the equivalent copper cross-section of the profile and contact wire assembly can be 1500 mm2.

In case of breakdown, the replacement of a section of contact wire can be done quickly.

By allowing greater wear of the wire and faster replacement thereof, maintenance costs are lower. Periodic inspections of the tightness of joints and cleaning of insulators are almost all the maintenance needed.

It follows the profile of curves, points and crossings with no need for section insulators and anchors.

It allows speeds up to 110 km / h on tracks in good condition with less wear of the pantograph.


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