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Our community, Asturias, has always stood out for its high industrial component and the weight that this represents in our GDP. Basically we can say that coal and iron run through our veins since the industrial revolution and that the port of Gijón is an international connection point of high value for trade and export.

From Asturex, they know this and they know the potential, the knowledge and the experience that resides in Asturian companies and how our companies can help others. Asturias Internacional Metal Matching edicion especializada en Energía Convencional y Energía Renovable.

KLK Electro materials with almost 30 years of experience since our start-up, we will actively participate in this event, since we have been an international reference in the manufacture of equipment to ensure safety in electrical installations since the 60s.

We are specialists in the connection and earthing of power generation, processing and distribution plants, and our product families KLK weld, Earthing and Power Resistors ensure the durability of the connections marking a high degree of reliability and safety.

Do you want to know more about the event? Dates, schedules, connections… we leave you the link to the website of the organization and we advise you not to miss it.

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