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KLK welding equipment


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The moulds are machined from a block of refractory material (graphite). Their average life under normal conditions of use is 70-100 welds. A metal cover protects against projections during ignition.

molde soldadura aluminotérmica | klk
  • Top closure made of graphic material, which can be ignited by spark or by remote LSvip system.
  • Upper enclosure where some of the ignition powder is poured prior to the exothermic process
  • Indoor enclosure where part of the aluminothermic powder is poured and ignition powder where the mixture is produced prior to the exothermic process.
  • Metal disc to be placed before pouring the aluminothermic and ignition powder, which prevents leakage through the casting channel.
  • Nozzle channelling the descent of the high-temperature liquid mixture from the weld pool.
  • Chamber of fusion process between the different conductors through the contribution of aluminothermic material.
  • Conductors to be joined together by means of a material contribution in aluminothermic welding process.
partes molde soldadura | klk
tipos de cartucho | klk weld



The cartridge contains the aluminotechnical charge on one side (coloured cap) and the ignition powder on the other (black cap). The disc is used to seal the nozzle before depositing the charge.

Ignition system


LS_VIP or spark ignition The moulds are machined from a block of refractory material (graphite). Their average life under normal conditions of use is 70-100 welds. A metallic cover protects from projections at the moment of ignition.

encendido remoto_lsVIP



Each KLKweld welding equipment requires the correct use of the accessory that corresponds to its dimensions, size and reference, so that the resulting aluminothermic welds behave perfectly at the same time that we manage to extend the useful life of the welding equipment.

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KLK Electro materials are present in Latam, Middle East, Asia and Europe.

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