Aluminothermic welding


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What is aluminothermic welding?


The KLK-WELD connection is a perfect molecular soldering, not a mere mechanical contact. The alloy used has a melting temperature almost the same as that of copper and generally has a cross-section approximately twice that of the conductors to be soldered, which means that it can be used for soldering:

  • Overloads or short-circuit currents do not affect the connection and tests have shown that the conductors melt before the solder.
  • The conductivity of the connection is at least equal to or greater than that of the bonded conductors.
  • There is no possibility of galvanic corrosion, as the conductors are integrated in the connection itself.
Soldadura exotérmica KLK
molde klk weld

Welding types


The KLK weld product line includes different types of aluminothermic welding always under an exothermic process differentiated by application or solution, being these:

  • Aluminothermic copper welding.
  • Aluminium Aluminothermic welding of aluminium.
  • Aluminothermic ELPA welding track connection.
  • Aluminothermic ELPA welding tube connection.

KLK welding equipment


The KLK-WELD is light and portable, does not require any external power source and is therefore suitable for use in the field and does not require specialised personnel to achieve optimal electrical connections of high mechanical quality in a very short time.

equipo soldadura aluminotermica | klk
procedimiento soldadura aluminotermica

Procedure for perfect aluminothermic welds


The KLK-WELD process takes advantage of the high temperature that develops in the reaction caused by the reduction of copper oxide by aluminium. The reaction takes place in a graphite crucible mould, into which the parts to be welded have been previously placed; the metal resulting from the aluminothermic reaction, in a molten state, flows over them, melting them and forming a compact, homogeneous mass.

The reaction is very fast and therefore the parts to be welded acquire, in the area surrounding the welding point, a much lower temperature than that obtained using the usual procedures, a very important factor when it is a question of protecting the insulation of the cable or the physical characteristics of the materials to be welded. KLK-WELD can be used not only for soldering copper to copper, but also for soldering steel to copper, etc.

Project TOKAMAK:

ITER TB12, is the name of the project in which KLK Electro materiales slu has managed to obtain a small participation through its aluminothermic welding line for the construction of 4 buildings on which will be managed the control of the future…

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