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What is a power resistor?


Resistors are components that are inserted in electrical circuits to modify the working conditions of equipment such as generators, motors or other receivers. Their operation is manifested in the form of heat energy, producing a rise in temperature, which will affect the components of the resistor itself and other equipment located in its vicinity.

The mass of the resistive material, the construction form and the location of the resistor are aspects to be carefully studied in the design and manufacture of a power resistor.

The maximum admissible temperature increase in the resistive material, the insulators and the air at the outlet of the resistor is regulated by different standards: NEMA, VDE, IEEE, etc. or the particular specifications of each project.

Power Resistors

Types of resistors


At KLK we design and build any type of electrical power resistor, with applications focused on different markets and sectors.

Power Resistors

Do you want to know how we design our equipment?


Our resistors department is made up of a team of people who shape any engineering project by developing each resistor according to the needs of your project.

Power Resistors team

Substation Project in Muweilah (UAE):

KLK Electro Materials has participated through our client Loyal Group of Compañy in the turnkey project of successfully energising the 33/11kV Muweilah-6 substation of the Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA)…

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If you wish, you can download the pdf versions of our KLK Power Resistors catalogue and get all technical/commercial product information.

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