Harmonic filtering


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Harmonic filtering


Many modern industrial components incorporating static converters generate harmonics in the power supply networks.

The sharp increase in the use of this type of component in recent years and modern long-distance direct current transmission techniques have forced electricity distribution companies to control and limit the rate of harmonics present in distribution networks, following the recommendations of various national and international organisations: CEI, CENELEC, IEEE, CIGRE, etc., in order to avoid the damage caused by these alterations in the waveform.

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Necessary data for the calculation of your resistance


Make your selection of parts one after the other until you obtain the cartridge ratio. You can then download the technical data sheet with instructions for use.

The basic characteristics to know for the design of a harmonic filtering resistor are as follows:

  • Ohmic value.
  • Power to be dissipated.
  • Working cycle.
  • Isolation level.
  • Grade of protection of the enclosure.

Correction of harmonic distortion rates by means of

KLK resistors

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