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KLK School is an integrated family within our KLK Tech product line, which makes up a series of value-added products exclusively for customers on the product portfolio that surrounds the KLK universe.

For this reason, for several years now, we have decided to provide our clients with different types of training, webinars or clinics depending on the needs we have detected in the market using virtual reality and augmented reality technology.

Under the umbrella of the different types of training, Escuela KLK has the product that best suits your needs, whether you are a

training centre for future professionals, a student or a professional company that needs help to carry out an installation in a fast, safe and durable way.

We have extensive experience in specialities such as professional grounding, aluminothermic welding or power resistors in any application.

If you don’t find a training course that suits your needs, don’t worry, ask our team of engineers to assess you or your team’s needs and prepare a tailor-made course for you.

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KLK Electro materiales are specialists in the manufacture of equipment to guarantee safety in electrical installations, such as copper-covered stakes, earthing clamps, aluminothermic welding equipment, power resistors, etc.

We have been developing products for the electrical sector since 1965 and at KLK school  we want to pass on our accumulated knowledge to all the professionals of today and tomorrow.

Professional to professional

KLK School

Mi ultima formacion ha sido un pasada, hemos aprendido un monton!!! gracias klk

comentario 1, KLK

Repetiremos, nuestro personal ha conseguido sacarse la homologación y hemos entrado en un proyecto en Latam

comentario 2, elecnor

hemos formado a nuetros personal en resistencias de tierra y ahora somos capaces de calcularlas nosotros mismos

comentarios 3, eecool

Our training offer



Conceptos básicos.

Instalaciones típicas.

Elección materiales.

(2 horas de duración)

Alumino thermic Welding

Conceptos básicos.

Instalaciones típicas.

Elección materiales.

(2 horas de duración)



Commitment to continuous improvement in quality, environmental and safety management, as a means of meeting the needs and expectations of our customers, is one of KLK’s main objectives.

Preventive policy


Declaration of the commitment of the management of the company KLK ELECTRO MATERIALES S.L.U. to the protection of the health and safety of its workers and to the objectives it intends to achieve in terms of prevention, integrating them into the general objectives of the company.

Preventive policy KLK

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