Starting stopping motors


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Starting stopping motors


Starting stopping motors sand braking of motors for crane drives, pumps, fans, mills, conveyor belts, etc.,

Both with wound rotor and squirrel cage motors, we have standard resistive elements of stamped sheet metal and wound tape manufactured from stainless steels, achieving modular elements of great mechanical rigidity, optimum heat dissipation capacity and high resistance to corrosion, all of which are necessary characteristics to ensure a long service life in the toughest service conditions.

Starting stopping motors

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Make your selection of parts one after the other until you obtain the cartridge ratio. You can then download the technical data sheet with instructions for use.

The basic characteristics to know for the design of a harmonic filtering resistor are:

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Commitment to continuous improvement in quality, environmental and safety management, as a means of meeting the needs and expectations of our customers, is one of KLK’s main objectives.

Starting and braking applications

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