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KLK Virtual Reality


Our MEV (Module of Virtual Training) training system through our virtual platform offers an excellent user experience both to provide resources and knowledge to work teams anywhere in the world and for training centres to provide a real experience in the practice of their students before facing a real grounding.

With our KLKweld training system you will be able to:

  • Give real training to people from your own workplace.
  • You will be able to check and correct any application bugs in streaming.
  • You will reduce the cost of training consumables by 100%.
  • You will avoid occupational accidents by not performing “real” work and you will not expose inexperienced people to exothermic processes.
  • You can train a single person or an entire team.
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It’s not a dream, it’s virtual reality by KLK tech

Virtual Reality by KLK tech

Discover our aluminothermic welding systems training product based on the use of a 100% virtual environment in which you will be able to acquire the ability to weld in a fast, clean and totally safe way in the welding of conductors, tubes or any configuration that requires welding by means of an exothermic process.

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