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Dynamic brake


Our extensive experience in this field allows us, after an exhaustive and detailed study, to design with total guarantee the most suitable resistors for the difficult service conditions of this type of resistors: minimum weight and volume, high resistance to vibrations, easy maintenance and high reliability and durability.

One of the characteristics of the design of these resistors is the need to locate them in spaces predefined by the project of the locomotives or traction units, which almost always have reduced dimensions, making it necessary, in these cases, to implement a forced ventilation system.

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Features of our dynamic brakes


Make your selection of parts one after the other until you obtain the cartridge ratio. You can then download the technical data sheet with instructions for use.

The basic characteristics to know for the design of a harmonic filtering resistor are as follows:

  • Ohmic value.
  • Power to be dissipated.
  • Working cycle.
  • Isolation level.
  • Grade of protection of the enclosure.

Applications of KLK resistors for braking aids

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If you wish, you can download the pdf versions of our KLK Power Resistors catalogue and get all technical/commercial product information.

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