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Álvaro Pidal

Finances & Administration

Álvaro Pidal

I have been working at KLK since 2005, and since then the company has evolved enormously; I am mainly focused on the care of human capital, achieving a high degree of flexibility in the compatibility of work and family life, and creating a favorable working environment so that we can all feel at ease at work. I love how they have been creating dynamic work teams with a high degree of commitment and camaraderie. It helps enormously to recharge the batteries day by day.

Juanjo Pérez

Production & Painting

Juanjo Pérez

30 years in KLK is a long time, I would define the company in 3 words: INVOLVEMENT, COMMITMENT AND COMMPAÑERISM. These are the 3 pillars that make KLK not only an Asturian company but also a very important part of each of the workers who are part of this great family.

Rafa Marqués

Production planner

Rafa Marqués

My experience of 30 years as a worker in KLK is entirely positive, in my case (for health reasons), consists of several stages in different positions within the company, and I can say that in all of them I have felt valued and with all the facilities to adapt to the positions I have played in each of them, my assessment is more than positive.

Daniel Rendueles

Marketing & Communication

Daniel Rendueles

Working at KLK allows me to merge my personal life with my professional life in total balance. My passion is traveling, surfing and sharing it with my family, the fact that working at KLK allows me to spend time in different parts of the world where, not only helps and enhances the creativity applied to my work, but at the same time allows me to enjoy my passions. I would define working at KLK as “A LIFESTYLE OF LIFE”.



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KLK Electro materiales slu bet on committing to our values, so that, we acquired the commitment by the management with the protection of the safety and health of its workers and with the objectives to be achieved in terms of prevention, integrating them into the overall objectives of the company.

At the same time we promote a constant commitment to the integration of workers in a through compliance with our equality plan in which everyone will enjoy the same opportunities in line with the needs of society.

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