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What is earthing?


The direct grounding, by means of electrodes buried in the ground, of conductive parts of electrical equipment which must be electrically insulated is vital to ensure that they are not accidentally subjected to dangerous voltages.

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Main features


  1. Providing a low impedance path to ground
  2. Withstand and dissipate repeated fault and short circuit currents or lightning strikes
  3. Be sufficiently corrosion resistant to ensure performance throughout the life of the equipment to be protected.

Why does it matter?


The main reasons why a correct earthing installation should be carried out are as follows:

  1. Protect human and animal life.
  2. Ensure the correct performance of the equipment protections.
  3. Eliminate or reduce the risk of damage to equipment.
  4. Ensuring the reliability of the electricity service.
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Aero generators Morocco:

KLK Electro materials has just finished on December 28th the complete supply of materials for the aluminothermicwelding grounding of the turbines of 87 wind turbines…..

Download our catalogue

If you wish, you can download the pdf versions of our KLK Earthing catalogue and get all technical/commercial product information.

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