KLK in Asturias connection


22 June 2021

KLK on the regional television of the Principality of Asturias

Yesterday the team of Conexión Asturias went to KLK Electro materiales to know first hand and show their audience the meaning of #somosklk and how our work methodology has made us overcome the hard years we have been through.

With a project consolidated by the experience and a support in new technologies, KLK Electro materials is immersed in a process of change towards a KLK025 that will have nothing to do with the current ways of working, settling the company towards a near future with illusion and coherence.

We would like to thank the whole team of Conexión Asturias for making it so easy for us yesterday and for the fun we had with them. !!!!

T H A N K S   A  L O T  C N X

We leave you the link to see our report!!!

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