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07 September 2021


MEV is the acronym for our Virtual Training Module.

Our training system through our virtual platform offers an excellent user experience both to provide resources and knowledge to work teams anywhere in the world and for training centres to provide a real experience in the practice of their students before facing a real grounding by aluminothermic welding.

With our KLKweld training system you will be able to:

  • Give real training to people from your own workplace.You will be able to check and correct any application faults “in streaming”.
  • You will reduce the cost of training consumables by 100%.
  • You will avoid work accidents by not executing a “real” job and you will not expose inexperienced people to the execution of exothermic processes.
  • You can train 1 or a whole team.

At KLK, we know the importance of training and that it should be delivered quickly and globally, which is why our MEV virtual training module is a tool that allows you to train work teams without having to find the location.

Equipo de realidad virtual | KLK
Equipo de realidad virtual | KLK tech


In order to use our training system your hardware requirements are as follows:

CPU: Intel 7 equivalent or higher

OS: Window 7 64-bit (service pack 1) or higher

Monitor: full-HD monitor

HTC-VIVE Standard kit with base stations and controllers

Mini display port cable

Included in the KIT

  • HTC VIVE VR Glasses
  • 2 Sensors
  • 2 Controllers
  • 1 Hard case
  • Solfware with 3 licenses

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