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22 January 2022

Registration for our 2022 vocational training clinics is now open..

As every year during the month of January we publish the training calls for professionals in the KLK school. Many of you have already participated in previous years and the methodology will be the same as usual, but for new visitors we give you a brief summary of how to access our professional clinics.

Our trainings are designed for those professionals who need to increase their level or go deeper in order to be able to carry out works in which a homologation from a manufacturer is demanded to guarantee the quality of the works that the professional is able to provide. But they are also designed to add knowledge+experience to those students, engineers or training centres that want to prepare themselves to face real situations that they will undoubtedly encounter.

The form of access will be the same as for all our free webinars, we leave you a brief description of the process:

  • Registration: Registration is done through the different forms (one for each subject) that we leave you accessible under this article.
  • Confirmation: When you send the registration you will receive an email to the email address you have registered with, confirming that your registration is completely correct.
  • Connection link sent: One day before the training clinic we will send you the connection link and the instructions according to the different platforms.

Easy, isn’t it? Well, don’t wait any longer and sign up and you will begin to expand your training with Escuela KLK and our free clinics.

The KLK brand with more than 50 years of experience in safety solutions for electrical installations and presence in more than 50 countries has extensive knowledge in the training of work teams, preparing the professional to ensure that each installation complies with all quality standards and guarantees the safety of both users and the installation itself. All our training courses are given online via webinar, however, if your company or your team cannot find a date that suits your needs or if you need specific training on our specialities, you can contact us and we will study your proposal without any obligation.

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