New UL486 certification for Spanish brand KLK weld

UL certification for KLK weld InDUO

This week we have received the good news about the homologation of our KLK weld InDUO system under UL 486 standard, which makes possible the perfect joint between pure aluminium conductors creating a weld molecularly superior to any other in the market.

Since KLK Electro materials launched InDUO, we have been able to position our aluminium welding in the different markets in which we work such as the Middle East, South America, Asia or the traditional European market as we have been doing with our traditional copper welding systems. But the successful completion of all the tests and overcoming the strict restrictions applied by the UL 486* standard for its concession allows us to supply KLK weld aluminium products to extremely demanding markets such as North America or Canada, among others.

UL 486 certification fills us with joy and differentiates us from our competitors and undoubtedly ensures that each product, each kit, each recharge will meet the quality that our projects require.

*It should be noted that the reference standard for this UL 486 certification, which applies to connections between power cables, is UL 486.

If you need to know more about which references have been approved and their availability, you can contact our sales team or leave your query on our website….

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