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11 January 2022

What is InDuo??Aluminum welding

Since the discovery of exothermic processes for use in aluminothermic welding, electrical connections in copper conductors have improved in different areas, but above all in terms of durability and robustness against aggressive agents to which they are subjected -Aluminum welding -Aluminum welding-

Aluminum welding But what if the installation requires wiring instead of aluminium copper? Should the connection be mechanical, sacrificing conductivity, durability and safety? …. With these questions in mind, we began the research and development of our InDuo AL solution.

InDuo Al is a solution for the connection of aluminium conductors by using exothermic techniques to achieve aluminothermic solder joints that produce molecularly perfect joints.

Induo Al by KLK
InDUO welding equipment  | klk weld

Uses Type of aluminothermic welding and sectors for which it is specially designed:

InDuo is designed for both low and medium voltage applications, as we can join conductors for use in lightning conductors, underground and overhead conductors, etc. Some of our customers are international energy supply companies, as our solution complies with strict international standards such as UL.

If you are still not clear about what InDuo is and how to use it, don’t worry, we leave you a short video in which you can learn a little more about its use and a product sheet that will help you to expand your knowledge.

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