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23 February 2023

The Electrical Transformer

Since the beginning of industrialisation, the electrical transformer has been an invisible element for many but of vital importance for all of us, at the same time as an element of constant improvement and subject to the pressure of the growth in consumer habits.

Since its first steps in the industry by Faraday, the electrical transformer has been the architect of millions of advances and a great help in the creation of new inventions thanks to the possibilities on the control of electrical energy.

But like all electromechanical technology, it needs to be surrounded by other equipment that helps to improve its qualities, maintain its performance and, above all, ensure safe operation for users. At KLK electromaterials we design, create and manufacture resistive equipment that works in harmony with the different types of transformers, which implies for us a deep knowledge of the transformer elements.

Our engineers  @Fernando Rodríguez@Sergio Gracia have travelled to the facilities of one of the most important international transformer manufacturers located in Madrid to receive from ARTECHE specialised training from the best experts in the field of electrical transformation equipment.

Transformación energía | Resistencias Potencia
Industrial Plant |Pic from umplass

“The transformation of energy has been one of the advances that have contributed to the development of industrialisation”.

With the acquisition and updating of transformation technologies, our engineering and product development service will be able to continue providing solutions to all our customers in the field of Power Resistors.

We would like to thank Arteche’s training teams for these fruitful collaborations for our development in Energy material.

Recuperación financiera pos pandemia| KLK exportaciones
Power Resistance at the KLK Production Centre in Spain |Foto: Daniel Rendueles

KLK Electromaterials specialises in the creation of resistive equipment that helps to improve and extend the service life of all types of transformers to the maximum. Our power resistors include, at the request of customers, remote monitoring services KLK Power Monitoring or predictive maintenance service through our KLK Support service.

“As a leading company in the electrical material markets, both nationally and internationally, our commitment to our customers is unwavering, and therefore, we firmly believe that quality and commitment begins in the very heart of the company and in the high knowledge of the needs of our customers. .”

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