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13 July 2021

Did you know that… Copper has indications of theft at the level of gold or other precious metals…

For years, the rise in the price of copper has led to its particular “copper fever” for many organised groups of criminals, with the theft of this material being a very common occurrence… which, although it is not considered a precious metal… has a certain PRICE and attractiveness for criminals.

This is why more and more electrical installation companies are opting for the use of aluminium as a conductor of electricity in the most accessible parts to prevent criminals from leaving thousands of families, companies and installations without electricity supply and the substantial economic losses that generate strong impacts on all those involved.

At KLK, we know the repercussions that this type of criminal action generates, so under the KLK weld family we have created InDUO.

InDUO is a solution to the problems that arose in the union between copper and aluminium through the use of mechanical connections. These mechanical connections, being located in places where they can be degraded, either by natural inclemency, by wear and tear or simply by theft? etc we had to provide our customers, the installers, with a system that would help the professional to ensure a safe connection for the installation and for people, then our solution is able to generate in seconds a union through an exothermic process between copper and aluminium creating a perfect aluminothermic welding molecularly between both metals, which ensures a perfect conductivity over time regardless of their location, positioning or application…etc.

instalación InDUO
Empresa Omexom | Centro de transformacion Sevilla

The KLK weld brand with more than 50 years of experience in security solutions for electrical installations and its InDUO family for aluminium/aluminium or aluminium/copper welding is a safe bet, saving execution times and economic losses due to connection failures, degradation or theft, given that using aluminium makes it less attractive to thieves.

Our Omexom customer, in the province of Seville, is aware of the existing theft problems in the Andalusian community and is already using this technology by KLK weld for all the energy transformation centres they install, thus ensuring the smooth running of the installation.

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