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November 2, 2022

What is KLK Support?

Within the portfolio of solutions that KLK Electro materials make available to our customers, our line of Power Resistors, is one of the most exported to different countries and continents where we adapt to each standard to comply with the regulations that each country defines as mandatory.

When an engineering company decides to contact us, we create from “0” a customized product according to the needs of the project, being our team of engineers who define, design and manufacture a unique product for the customer.

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Prior to the physical shipment of the equipment to the customer, we schedule a battery of inspections where either by digital technology or physically with the displacement of customers to our production center in Spain, we proceed to carry out revision controls.

For a long time we believed that our national and international customers needed an additional plus of service taking into account the trust they place in us when they choose us to take care of their installations when installing KLK power resistors.

All the states through which the product goes through ensure that your installation will be perfect and its operation will be fully controlled meeting needs, regulations and above all expectations and once installed?

In the words of our comercial manager Rene Abad,

We want to give an extra “peace of mind” with maintenance carried out by KLK personnel on the resistors of the main projects we work on.

But what if we could give something extra? What if we were able to create more TRANQUILITY? So our customer value team began to study the possibility of creating “something” that would not only increase the value of confidence of our customers towards our equipment, but at the same time would be able to extend the life of the product making the purchase of KLK Power Resistors even more profitable.

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Equipo de diseño | KLK Power Resistors

This is how “KLK Support” was born. was born, a physical control service in the country of equipment installation where trained and expert personnel in Power Resistors are able to predict and avoid millions of dollars in losses due to failures in installations.

With our KLK Support service for Power Resistors, the customer is assured not only to have the necessary equipment for its installation but also to be covered for future problems that the product may suffer over time.

KLK Support is the extra “TRANQUILITY” that our resistors will carry implicitly from their DNA.

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