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February 15, 2024
KLK e-learning Training Courses

The registrations for our professional training courses for 2024 are now open.

Are you ready to take your career to the next level or begin it with a strong foundation in professional training? At KLK, we are professional specialists like you, and we believe that professional excellence is built on a solid foundation of knowledge.

Why Choose KLK Training?

Our courses are designed for professionals seeking to elevate their skills while acquiring a recognized certification in high demand among designers and engineers worldwide. KLK WELD EXPERT*, a prestigious accreditation, opens doors to opportunities where quality certification is essential. This year, we have expanded our clinic e-learning courses, offering a broader range of subjects to meet your needs and adapt to your skill level.

Discover What’s New in the 2024 Course:
In response to market demands, we have developed specific courses that will make a difference in your career. From highly specialized topics like “Rail Connections” to “Power Resistance Calculations” or “Grounding Installations from Scratch,” our courses will prepare you to confidently tackle real-world situations.

Are You a Student, Engineer, or Training Center?
We provide you with the opportunity to acquire practical and relevant knowledge. At KLK, we understand the changing demands of the industry, and we have tailored our courses to meet your specific needs.

How to Access KLK E-learning Training?

KLK: Your E-learning Professional Training Portal

Accessing our free clinic courses is easy. Follow these simple steps:
1. Registration: Complete the form for your desired subject, available on our website.
2. Confirmation: You will receive an email confirming your registration, ensuring your participation.
3. Connection Link: One day before the clinic, you will receive the connection link along with clear instructions to make the most of the experience.

Are you ready to grow in your professional career? Don’t wait any longer! Enroll now and train with our KLK Professional School** and our free clinics. #weareKLK

Our Specialization CLINICS 2024

(*) The KLK WELD EXPERT certification is granted once the student successfully passes the test-type exam, validating the acquisition of necessary knowledge to carry out exothermic connections using KLK Weld kits. This process ensures the demonstrated competence of the student in the precise execution of exothermic welds, strengthening their professional profile in the field of specialized connections.

(**) All our training sessions are conducted online through webinars. However, if your company or your team cannot find a suitable date or requires specific training on our specialties, you can contact us here, and we will consider your proposal without any obligation.

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