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Metaverso en la Industria

17 de Noviembre 2022

For some time now we have been talking about a new “golden” place where all your dreams would be fulfilled and you can start projects that you would not be able to before, a place where movies like the mythical TRON 1982 would transport you…. Yes friends, that place since relatively recently (months) has a name and a surname.

Alvaro Pidal | KLK Director Financiero
KLK Virtual Experience | Photo: Daniel Rendueles

The metaverse, at present, is not a single world, but rather many and focused on different objectives.

What does it entail, Which, Why, Why, How?

Has the metaverse come into our lives for the better or is it just a bubble space?…. Today in our weekly post we are going to talk a little bit about this and other generic concepts that are around this new place that is the talk of the town.



Last week we have been present in a presentation given by Impulsa Gijon about the concepts/opportunities that this new niche poses for companies in all areas and we have learned how to take advantage of some of its functions in the medium term in KLK and industrial companies.

METAVERSO is a digital world with its streets, buildings and businesses focused on an almost real user experience.  We start initially by creating our own avatar, because once you enter, it would be your presentation in cybersociety and of course as in the “real” world we like to make a good impression which implies that …. also for your avatar you will have your favorite store there … 1º Sector that already has a great presence in metatarsus as Decentraland is the fashion sector.

What else could individuals use this new world for? Leisure? … well yes, this “other” new world hosts an infinite game room where platforms like Fornite lead in thousands of monthly visits and where you can play or just watch games from a digital space enabled for this purpose…. 2nd gaming sector.

Which brings us to the next sector… to a place known as our “bars” yes, it is that place where for a long time human beings have been meeting for our recreation, our gatherings or simply to hold work meetings… this place also has a space in the metatarsus. 3º leisure and personal/professional relations sector

But of course, you wonder if KLK is not a restaurant, or if we do not design gaming or manufacture textiles? It’s not for us?

I’m afraid it is not, as I started this post the metaverse is not just one, but rather there are different with different requirements at the level of payments based on blockchain, in different virtual currencies and in different ways to enter and interact. Basically the user experience and depending on the platform is available to everyone regardless of whether they use technological peripherals, such as V.R. glasses or the simplest ones, being able to enter a magical world from the web.

But what is KLK doing here, a manufacturer of electrical grounding material? …. Several of the most important niche markets that the metatarsal is developing in a very fast and revolutionary way are training, training and advertising technologies.

Recuperación financiera pos pandemia| KLK exportaciones
Virtual training for Asturias KLK clients |Photo: KLK marketing

And here is where KLK anticipating the needs of the market, several years ago, we developed a virtual environment on which to teach our customers to use our aluminothermic welding equipment.

Those were times when a technician and a briefcase were needed to go to a company to teach in a real way to acquire the technical skills to perform a perfect grounding welding, certifying the technician as a KLK Weld Expert.

Thus was born MEV, our virtual training module, if it was revolutionary, if it was something new and that provided a brutal user experience … but we were still with the need for a displacement insitu….. because the customer did not have the technological means to connect …

Metaverso has provided us with the solution on what we have already built, our virtual workshop. Can you imagine how easy it would be to be with customers from Chile, Mexico or Spain as if it were a simple video call of teams, but inside our workshop and with a trainer present teaching you the latest techniques of aluminothermic connections to via, residential grounding or connections to high pressure pipes … Now is it true?…

The metaverse for the industrial company provides decentralized training centers in the real world but very centralized in the KLK 3.0 universe creating different spaces for training, meetings or simply a real product space where customers/visitors are able to evaluate if the product meets their needs before going to the production line.

Savings in travel expenses, in product presentations, in prototyping, in advertising … a Showroom accessible to everyone at any time or any geo location.

KLK was pioneer in creating our isolated universe training hundreds of technicians all over the world and now it’s time to give the connection to the network. ¡¡¡¡Welcome to KLK verse 3.0!!!!

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