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Special aluminothermic track welds


Our ELPA soldering process is the best solution for making electrical connection of copper cable to the rail track. Connections to the rail track base have generally been mechanical connections until the appearance of portable soldering equipment based on exothermic processes specially designed so that each joint does not exceed 600ºC in the aluminothermic process.

Our R+D+I team has developed a portable system by means of which we are able to generate cable-to-skid joints in a way that is totally safe for the rail and which at the same time generates a conductivity far above the effectiveness that any mechanical connection can provide.

Conexión a cable a vía ELPA | KLK

Key features


ELPA is a system that enables the possibility of making single-use portable connections through the use of our specially designed ceramic mould to avoid high temperature transmissions from the welding process to the rail.

Our ELPA Aluminium Thermal Welding KIT consists of:

  • Ceramic mould* incorporating steel plate, cable entry bushing, sealing disc, cap and spring clip.
  • Aluminothermic powder cartridge and ignition for soldering
  • Flux dosage
  • User’s guide ignitionweld

*The ELPA mould enables the use of spark ignition or remote ignition via LsVIP.

  • conexión via ELPA | KLK
  • Fusible encendido ELPA | KLK
  • conexión via ELPA | KLK
  • encendido remoto_lsVIP

Download our user’s manual and learn how to use our ELPA CARRIL KIT here

Quality certificates


Commitment to continuous improvement in quality, environmental and safety management, as a means of meeting the needs and expectations of our customers, is one of KLK’s main objectives.

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Si lo deseas, puedes descargar las versiones en pdf de nuestro catálogo sobre conexiones a vías ELPA KLK y tener toda la información técnico/comercial de producto.

Connections to railways | KLK Weld

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