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17 March 2022

Aluminothermic rail welding is the most efficient method for a durable and safe connection.

Aluminothermic welding has long been a widespread method for traditional earthing connections and has now been standardised for use in the railway sector where rail-to-rail connections must comply with safety and durability principles.

Another point of special interest and value for the installations in the interconnection between rails is the electrical connection and conductivity between rails, where in this field, aluminothermic welding also provides improvements, through the use of bare copper bridging flanges at the junction of the cores of each section.

In this sense, the most important companies in the railway sector have approved the use of aluminothermic welding to ensure and certify that the connection is molecularly perfect, notably improving the mechanical connections.

Kit track welding | KLK
Side view KLK weld KITs KLK weld: rail connection flange
Kit track welding | KLK
Front view of KLK weld KITs: Rail connection flange

KLK has an extensive range of portable equipment for railway connections using exothermic processes that will provide a fast, safe and durable connection.

But how fast? How fast? And above all, what are the necessary steps to ensure that the connection between the steel core and the copper wire is perfect?

These and other questions are answered by our customer service centre and our product development team has created an explanatory video, in which, in less than 2 minutes you will understand how a real soldering is carried out step by step and learn the correct technique of use of our KLK welding equipment.

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