1. ​​Procedimiento soldadura aluminotérmica - paso 1

    If the cable has insulation, remove it over a length of 15 cm. Using the brush, brush the metal parts to be welded to remove everything.

  2. Before making the first welding, it is essential to preheat the mould with a welding lamp for 5 minutes.

  3. Open the mould by separating the handles of the pliers.

  4. Close the mould clamp and lock it in that position to avoid molten metal leaks during welding. Place the metal disc.

  5. Open the coloured cap of the cartridge and empty the welding powder into the mould hopper, then turn the cartridge over and empty the ignition powder into the hopper, reserving 5-10% to be applied once the cap is closed in the upper slot.

  6. Place the ignition electrode (only for LSVip system) and proceed to close the cover, by emptying the ignition dust previously reserved on the upper slot. Move a safe distance away and press the red button on the IsVip control or to give a spark by means of the ignition gun, depending on the system chosen by the user, thus activating the welding process.

  7. Wait 5 minutes and open the mould by separating the handles from the tongs to release the solder from the graphite mould. extreme caution due to mould temperature and soldered conductors.

  8. Once outside, lightly tap the weld with the scraper to remove the slag from the welding process.

  9. Remove the slag from the hopper, the casting hole and the mould cover with the mould scraper. Clean the residues of dirt from the welding chamber with a brush. If the mould is still hot, a new weld can be made.