inDuo aluminium welding

inDuo aluminium welding

October 01, 2020
SEMI Group tests in its facilities our exothermic welding for aluminium

We went to our customer's facilities to demonstrate our product for the exothermic welding of aluminium conductors and to check first-hand on a real installation the great virtues of this system for the connection between conductors.

InDuo is an aluminothermic welding system that uses a special mould and a specific mixture to achieve perfect welding, improving jointing times, durability and above all ensuring excellent condustivity.

From KLK electromaterials our technical director Daniel Duart went to Semi's central installations where they were able to carry out several aluminium welds with the client's team to learn the steps and process of using our inDuo kits.

From here we leave you a link to download all the product information.