Exothermic welding KLK MEXICO


Exothermic welding KLK MEXICO

KLK Electro materials Inaugurates an Astounding Production Center in the Heart of Mexico City to Revolutionize the Exothermic Welding Industry

Mexico City, [September 23]

In an exciting step forward, KLK Electro materials is pleased to announce the opening of its innovative production center in the vibrant heart of Mexico City. This new milestone marks a significant advancement for the company and a turning point in the exothermic welding industry by Exothermic welding KLK MEXICO

A production centre in the heart of America to meet the demands of both Latam and North America.

This new production center will not only position KLK Electromateriales as a leading provider of exothermic welding solutions in Mexico and Latin America, but will also play a crucial role as a strategic link to the United States in future projects that will strengthen the supply network and cross-border collaboration.

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KLK Electro materiales’ commitment to quality and innovation is evident in its cutting-edge product offerings, including the renowned KLK Weld exothermic welding, which has demonstrated excellence in railway and aluminothermic applications. Iconic projects like the Tren Maya will greatly benefit from the reliability and durability offered by KLK’s rail welding, ensuring a robust and secure infrastructure for transportation development in Mexico.

KLK Electro materials will provide local teams and customers with training and education to encourage the creation of authorised KLK installers.

The new production center boasts a highly trained, all-Mexican team that perfectly understands the needs and challenges of the local market. This proximity to the Mexican market will enable swift and efficient responses to changing demands, ensuring that customers receive solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

This exciting step forward not only solidifies KLK Electro materials presence in the region but also contributes to the growth and development of Latin America, while simultaneously forging strategic ties with Spanish companies operating in the country. International collaboration and knowledge exchange are fundamental elements of KLK’s global growth vision. 

In summary, KLK Electro materials new production center in Mexico City marks an incredible milestone in the exothermic welding industry. With a focus on excellence, innovation, and commitment to the Mexican and Latin American markets, KLK positions itself as a leader and dependable partner for the most ambitious infrastructure projects in the region.

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