KLK Innovation Heading to the United States

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KLK Heading to the United States

KLK Innovation heading to the United States, we have always strived to grow in innovation by bringing value beyond our borders! Today we want to introduce you to our exciting project, Kcup, a bold bet to bring the true value of KLK to the hearts of professional electricians in the United States.

Since our inception, KLK has been synonymous with quality, tradition and passion for what we do. Our products have served hundreds of electrical professionals around the world, and now, we are ready to share our experience in a new challenge by introducing our innovation to the United States.

Kcup, a bold bet to bring the true value of KLK to the hearts of America’s electrical professionals.

Kcup is more than just a product, it is an experience that promises to surprise and engage those who seek to achieve high productivity in grounding connections through the use of aluminothermic welding. We have dedicated tireless hours of research and development to ensure that every connection is a perfect joint in the exothermic process, improving conductivity and durability.

Launching video K cup USA | Creation and post production Daniel Rendueles

KLK y Kcup, ¡rumbo hacia los estados unidos!

But K cup is not just about a simple grounding system, it’s about the convenience, safety and versatility that this new and simple way of connecting offers. Our capsule technology has been carefully designed to simplify the method quickly and easily, without compromising the quality we are known for. Under K Cup, you’ll be more productive in the workplace or wherever you are, without the hassle.

We are excited about this new phase and the opportunity to reach out to electrical professionals in rail, renewables and especially in the tertiary sector in the United States. We want to be close to you, understanding your habits and needs, and working together to create long-lasting and safe electrical installations through Kcup.

The road to the United States is not just an expansion for us, but a dream that we are making a reality. We would like to thank all our suppliers, distributors, representatives and above all our internal teams who, from the beginning, have believed in Kcup, in the strategic direction towards the United States and are accompanying us on this journey. Your support is our motivation and strength to continue to evolve and bring the best of KLK to the world.

KLK and Kcup, heading towards the United States!

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