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KLK steps towards entry into the U.S.A.

Exothermic Welding USA

In 2022, KLK resumed the project that had been launched several years ago, when KLK USA had an extensive catalog of exothermic welding equipment focused on railroad connections.

In 2022, more specifically in the second quarter, we moved our marketing and management team throughout the vast territory of the United States of America. Our general manager Teo Conejero worked on the opening of commercial agreements in the Northeast of the country and our marketing manager Dani Rendueles focused on the south and southwest, focusing his efforts on the state of Texas.

With the information, contacts and agreements that our team has gathered in 2022 we are already able to have a clear vision of where and why, which means that the path is marked and now it is time to continue working the different ways at the national distribution level there.

This 2023 KLK Electro materials, we have already managed to position ourselves on/off levels, generating a demand of curiosity where the United States already account for 10% of our website visits, and where our extensive and specialized range of products for electrical connections by aluminothermic welding provides solution to some needs/improvements that the American giant demanded.

Our solution InDuo al, for aluminum connections becomes the tip of the iceberg of our entire product portfolio differentiating us from any other existing company in the North American country bringing novelties to the railway connections.

Welding Process for Aluminum Conductors| KLK

Obviously, for KLK, power and signal connections using aluminum as the main conductor is not new, since back in 2018 we launched this revolutionary system for electrical connections, which has been tested by customers in Asia, Central Europe and Central America.

At present, we continue testing and monitoring the results with the most important railway companies in our country, in order to maintain the quality and prestige that the KLK brand has in international markets.

With this background and following the spirit that we started last 2022 #makeklkgreat

With this background and following the spirit that we started last 2022 #makeklkgreat, we begin a new stage under the umbrella of our new structure Novarc Networks integrated in the experienced French, Novarc, which already has a presence in the USA.

In the second quarter of 2023, our new project in the USA will be launched in two phases:

  • Collect information at the railroad level (the state of California has several of the headquarters of some of the most important state railroad companies) for the introduction of InDuo.
  • Positioning our Kcup solutions on the shelves of our customers there.

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