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Saudi Arabia is ranked 19th in terms of international GDP, i.e. the 19th economic power in the world.

Constant growth and development in all sectors: technology, industry, media, transport, energy … are indicators that it is a country that offers diverse business opportunities.

With this presentation and being KLK Electro materials a prestigious international supplier of power resistors, it was a challenge to introduce our product in the Saudi Arabian energy market. Today we can inform you that…

We have succeeded!

Our engineering team after several technical meetings and our sales team have managed to overcome all the quality requirements that the Middle Eastern country marked as essential to have KLK as an approved supplier of power resistors.

Our commitment, our technology and the quality of the finished product have been the key to achieve the required homologation.

banco de carga resistivo | KLK
Imagen banco de carga en planta producción | KLK

Our KLK Power Resistors are custom designed to avoid breakdowns, outages and failures by stabilizing systems, while generating cost reductions with its operation focused on leveraging electrical networks. Constant research by our engineering team to offer the best conditions, innovation in the fields of control, measurement and remote monitoring are the soul of our 2022 power resistors.

Each equipment prior to shipment to its destination, goes through an individual control process where each quality point is checked and where customers can be present, from anywhere in the world “in streaming” verifying that the product meets the stringent qualities required by the regulations of the country where they will be installed.

KLK, we give as an added value product the opportunity to access our after-sales service KLK SUPPORT SERVICES through which we review and control the life of each resistor or load bank installed thus extending the life of the product.

KLK is an international power resistor supplier with the solutions you are looking for tailor-made for you.

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