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Filtered project Energy India

Access to energy as a means of facilitating quality of life is a human right and a moral obligation of countries with more resources to provide knowledge, means and technology to those who need it most.

This is the case of India, a country in Southeast Asia with almost 3.5M km2, where a large part of 28 states have limited access to energy due to, among other factors, long distances and its strong rural component, is an example of development.

For some years now, India has become a reference in the export of raw materials in all sectors, especially in the industrial sector of manufacturing metal products, implying that its energy demands are growing according to its industrial growth and this requires more supplies, more quality of these and the use of natural resources through clean and renewable energies.

An example of this are projects such as the one Power Grid has been developing for several years and where international companies are challenging all the brakes involved in reaching remote areas with “light”.

Electrificacion India Rajasthan
Citizen of India | KLK

In the hand of Siemens India, in their project for the development by use of Statcom systems phases I, II (execution) and already defined phase III where KLK electro materials have supplied power resistors specially built to withstand humidity, high temperatures and even modifying our designs to get the products to be fully integrated into their locations.

Our “Damper” and “Filter cicuit Resistors” models are part of the latest expansion (Phase II Statcom), where we have designed and manufactured our largest resistive system in KLK’s history to improve service to over 54M inhabitants in the Rajasthan province west of Deli, controlling the quality of service based on the requirements of the service.

Conexion Damper Interconexiones
Internal connection Siemens India resistors | KLK

With a modular assembly system, which, among other things, allows us to have access to places where installation is almost impossible, entailing very high costs and making it impossible to use large transports due to the orography. Our independent resistive blocks become a high value by allowing savings in transportation costs, facilitating installation, interconnection between modules on site and allowing the replacement of components quickly and effectively.

Another great differentiating advantage of our “Damper” heaters are their enclosures.

Built entirely in stainless steel, they allow to greatly extend the useful life of the equipment and where optional remote monitoring systems can be integrated, ensuring the supply to the population by losing a constant control of the quality of the supply.

Resistencia Damper India
Modular system Siemens Resistance India | KLK

A supply protected with KLK power resistors is synonymous with a stable and long-lasting supply, so for us to be able to participate in projects in this field not only puts our engineering teams to the test, but also provides the opportunity to participate in the promotion of cleaner, more renewable energy that improves people’s quality of life.

Would you like to learn about resistors, how to design them, the types of designs that exist?

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