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KLK has been awarded the contract for the AC load banks for the National Bank of Mozambique project.

KLK Electro materiales will be in charge of manufacturing the resistive load bank to be incorporated into the electrical installation of the branch of the national bank of Mozambique in the city of Nampula, located in the northwest of the African country.

The company Engitagus PT (Portugal) will carry out the charging tests on all the UPS batteries in the installation of the bank branch.

The KLK resistive load banks are integrated equipment designed within the portfolio of solutions that KLK engineering from Gijón markets under our product line of power resistors.

More in depth in this project will be developed a type of load bank with a total power of 200 KW with a power resolution of 25KW, which will house the possibility of integrating different applications depending on customer needs and can test the full range of loads of the UPS batteries of the installation (10, 30, 90 & 160KW at 110%) of the Nampula bank.

banco de carga resistivo | KLK
Image of loading bench in production plant | KLK

If you have any doubts or you need to know a little more about this type of protection equipment, we are going to summarise the most striking characteristics of this family of KLK products:

  • Definition – What is a resistive bank in itself? A load bank is an equipment that is designed in alternating current or direct current to test the maximum performance in the loads of different equipment.  As far as power is concerned, knowing the data of the installation, it can be designed to measure and with our system of blocks (modules) predefine a future growth being possible to make extensions to meet future needs at reduced costs.
  • Advantages – What are the advantages of integrating KLK resistive load banks in the installation? The load banks offer safety and help to make the most of the performance of the equipment integrated in the installation, which directly translates into more efficiency of the equipment and safety.
  • Applications – To which loads are our load banks applicable? To any resistive load equipment, i.e. UPS, Inverters, Turbines or even Generators…etc.

KLK electro materials has a training school for professionals in which we prepare tailor-made training in different subjects and where we can help you to solve any doubt about Load Banks or Power Resistors, learn more about our school here.

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