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Even with unpacked suitcases, our sales team has returned from its commercial expedition in Latin America and we have some very good news for KLK and for the positioning and growth of the prestige of the “made in Spain” brand.

Since almost 10 years since we started our project in Latin America, Colombia has always been a clear target because of the potential that the country has and the strong relationship at root level.

Our customers in the Central American country and in particular the electric companies, for some years now, have trusted in our solutions to ensure the supply of the Colombian people, being KLK one of the companies that are “fixed” in what refers to projects due to the quality, transparency and, why not say it, the agility in what to solve barriers.

KLK designs, manufactures and maintains its Power Resistor equipment worldwide.

So, since the end of last week, our sales team has received the great news from the customer about the award and supply of all the Grounding Resistors for Colombia for the next two years (KLK 2023/25).

A contract with a value close to 522K€, which will mean an important workload for our Resistor production center in Gijón and at the same time it places us as an important prestigious manufacturer in Latin America, where we already have presence in different countries.

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