Line 1 of the Panama City Underground

This is the first underground railway line built in Panama City. It crosses the city and has a length of approximately 14 km, with a double line, for a total length of 28 km.

The line is powered through a rigid catenary at 1500 volts. It runs generally within a tunnel, except for an open air section on a viaduct and another section within a trench.

The power supply facility avoided frames and metallic overhead elements in the stations as much as possible. This is aesthetically cleaner and makes the modernist architecture of the stations more evident.

Construction started in 2011, and it entered operation in March 2013.


Technical Data:

The applied technology of the PARAFIL insulating synthetic cable, as a replacement for metallic fittings, was first used upon a recommendation from prestigious architect Norman Foster, during the construction of the first line of the Bilbao underground, which is currently in operation.