S.E. CAÑUELO 220KV. CIC (Cádiz)

S.E. CAÑUELO 220 kV. CIC Los Barrios - Cádiz

The 220 kV yard of the Cañuelo substation shall have a U-shaped dual busbar configuration, with AIS technology and the following bays and switch bays:

Bay 1 Backup
Bay 2 Backup – future transformer 3
Bay 3 Backup – transformer 2
Bay 4 Coupling – transformer 1
Bay 5 Los Barrios - Pinar del Rey 1
Bay 6 Future - Pinar del Rey 2 power generation access



Client: Ree

Technical Data:

As currently projected, the substation shall have six 220 kV switches, three three-pole 220 kV line circuit breakers with grounding, nine three-pole circuit breakers without grounding, eighteen current transformers, and nineteen capacitive voltage transformers.

Dual 220 kV busbar with coupling bay.